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Winter weather in Hawaii is pretty much over, and my skin feels so much better now thanks to the Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask from Sand and Sky. Key ingredients are: Pink Australian clay Organic liquorice Old man's weed Organic Aloe vera Pomegranate Kakadu plum Kelp Organic mangosteenAltogether... ...this vegan and cruelty-free Australian pink mask knocks out impurities, toxins,


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This is comfrey. The genus Symphytum is from the Greek sympho, "to make grow together", and phyton "plant". A nickname is knitbone. Magically, it is used for protection for the traveler and against theft of many kinds. Medicinally, it is known to remedy external aches, bruises, cuts, and burns. The leaves and roots can be beaten

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Citrouille Cosmetics is inspired by nature. Their ultra silky liquid lipstick formula is infused with castor oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E, but you'll have to make sure to mix well before applying. It is lightweight and glides on readily. It's also very comfortable and moisturizing, without ever cracking. My lips are much darker at the edges and I found


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Micranthemum Monte Carlo is a creeping carpet plant with little round leaves. The genus Micranthemum is also known as mudflower. It's been two months and my aquatic carpet isn't compact yet. I do need to trim it soon to let it divert its energy and nutrients to the lower creepers. Right now, I don't really mind because the tank inhabitants


beauty and lip
A rubescent bronze for the new year, Cider is a metallic matte liquid lipstick from Spectrum Cosmetic. Not all their products are vegan as per their universal ingredient list, but I was told that Cider DOES NOT contain carmine. Their formula goes on smooth with good consistency. Only one layer is needed. It doesn't feel too dry, but prior moisturizing