Native to subtropical deserts, Fenestraria rhopalophylla is a winter grower that may bloom some time between winter to early spring.

SPRING Soak fully and allow to dry
SUMMER Light sprinkling (heat = no growth)
AUTUMN Soak fully and allow to dry
WINTER Light, sporadic watering

It can sometimes be confused with Frithia pulcha, which is also sometimes called baby toes but goes by an even cuter nickname: fairy elephant's feet! It has a totally different watering schedule, so it's a good thing to know what sets it apart. Fairy elephant's feet has visible cells with C-shaped windows and lush pink magenta flowers.

Fenestraria gets decorated with either white or the yellow flowers of its subspecies aurantiaca. And my little baby toes bloomed earlier this month! I was afraid to miss it since I was out camping, but I came back right on time to capture the process!

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