Before and during preschool...

We lived in a lavender house with a big yellow tree.
I was weirded out by my ability to move my fingers.
I cut my hair and hid it under the table.

During elementary school...

I had a habit of collecting bugs.
Kupuna Pang taught me hula and gave us mixtapes to dance to at home.
We made blanket fortresses.
We rode bicycles, scooters, and rollerblades.
We played Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.
EverQuest Online Adventures changed my life.
Dungeon Siege, Star Wars Battlefront, Populous the Beginning, Tribes.
I joined a pixel art community named Teahouse.

During middle school...

Joanna Newsom will always be my favorite.
I got accepted into Sacred Hearts Academy and St. Andrew's Priory.
I thought a period happened only once in a woman's lifetime.
I was in the Math League and afterschool Drama Club.
I made some other clubs like Panda Club and Sandwich Club.
My brother made a really good playlist for me when I was alone in Washington.