style and jewelry
This is comfrey. The genus Symphytum is from the Greek sympho, "to make grow together", and phyton "plant". A nickname is knitbone. Magically, it is used for protection for the traveler and against theft of many kinds. Medicinally, it is known to remedy external aches, bruises, cuts, and burns. The leaves and roots can be beaten

clothe shoppe

style and cloth
Ideally, I'd like to only have enough clothes to fit one (maybe large) box, so I'm trying to get myself to sell most of my clothes. You can visit my little DePop shop

young maleficent

style and craft
I'm going to be young, woodsy Maleficent for Hallow's Eve.

little serpent

style and jewelry
SANKTOLEONO — Jewelry by Naya of Athens, Greece. "a mysterious ceremonial universe, both ancient and at the same time strangely futuristic." The Horus earrings and Nubia rings are from the 'Sacred Geometry' and 'White Serpent' sets. She even snuck in a matching little moon ring as a surprise gift! Visit Naya's shop here.