Late post, but I finally started using a planner this year! I probably should have done this when I was in college, but I mainly got this to keep track of my finances, which isn't actually working but now I do get to doodle in the office!

Currently, I'm a site coordinator for an elementary daycare. My favorite part is making arts & crafts lesson plans and decorating the bulletin boards, but I spend majority of my time on a lot of paperwork and problem-solving for the children. It's okay though. They are cutie.

I had a dream that I was a harlequin rabbit that joined the burglar guild, so I became a magpie harlequin rabbit (GOALS), but then I woke up to the babies fighting like a tornado! Popo is even more wild than ever. They're separated for now, but we did take Popo in for a pre-neuter exam. Unfortunately, they only found one ball so we have to wait for the other one to reveal itself.

Favorite memory in January is when 'Ōpū puppy hopped onto my belly. Then, at Popo's exam, Popo actually crawled into my arms because he didn't want to be on the table. They are such cutie guys.

This is the Ashley Mary Celestial Planner from Anthropologie.